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A Restless Hope

“The purpose of Jesus’ startling deeds was not to evoke a belief in miracles today but rather to inspire a longing for the day when God’s kingdom comes fully upon the world. That’s the perspective of the Gospels. Throughout history, Christian faith has always involved a restless hope – a hope captured perfectly in the prayer ‘Your kingdom come’! The previews of the kingdom glimpsed in Jesus’ miracles have typically made Christ’s followers dissatisfied with the way things are and desperate for the way things Christ said they would one day be. Christian hope is thus confident but restless: it praises God for the preview (in Jesus’ life) and pleads him for the finale (in the ‘kingdom come’), when evil will be overthrown, humanity healed and creation itself renewed.”

John Dickson A Doubters Guide to Jesus – An introduction to the man from Nazareth for believers and skeptics. (Grand Rapids, Michigan. Zondervan. 2018) page 80.


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